Monday, 11 March 2013

Magazine Project

Hi all,

I am currently working on a magazine for my second project in third year. It is all very exciting and I really cannot wait to have a final product.

The magazine can be about anything I wanted, and I have chosen to do an equine magazine. It seemed the best idea seeing as I have access to people who ride and the eventing season has just started.

Included in my magazine I am going to have articles on how to plait up your pony/horses mane, a feature on the Highveld Horse Care Unit in South Africa and a feature on Laura Cocking the Eventer. As well as a few more. It is going to feature a majority of my photography work which is exciting because there is so many clinics going on and so many events coming up.

I will put my final product on here as well as some progress pieces as it moves along :)


P.S. I have also finally got a photography website running, so check it out!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Chester Performs hopes to play an important role in the cultural life of Chester.

Chester Performs hopes to play an important role in the cultural life of Chester. 
By Claire Henderson
Friday 7 December 2012 

Chester Performs hopes to play an important role in the cultural life of Chester with their projects. 

As an organisation that creates innovative art projects, Chester Performs aim to play an important role in the cultural life of Chester. Their work is designed to involve, encourage and inspire. 

15 locations around the city center will be used, including empty retail spaces and shop windows. Rogues’ Galleries will engage Chester’s shoppers, families and visitors thought a range of art works made by local and international artists. 
As well as ten daylong events, Chester Performs will commission artists to work with schools and community groups to make artworks, which will be displayed in the ‘shops’ during the event.  

“We’re hoping the event will play a part in enriching Chester’s cultural fabric, and enhance the public’s awareness of experiencing culture,” said Amber Knipe, Programme Manager at Chester Performs. “We hope it will contribute to Chester’s identity, and promote confidence in those who live in the city. We’re celebrating what is special about Chester.” 

Chester has been a bustling retail town since Tudor times, with a diverse range of shops and trades. Using this as a cornerstone for the event, and using the empty shops as venues, Chester Performs are looking for artworks and projects, which are digital, film, or performance focused which can be set within pop-up shops. 

“Taking names of the old trades, guilds and shops that would have made up the old city as a starting point, artists are invited to create their own trading premises to showcase their work to the public,” said Mrs Knipe. 

The project will to some extent show the struggles the high street has had with homogeneous brands and the effect this has on original thought. 

The projects will be on show from November 14th until November 24th 2013. 

Image provided by Chester Performs.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Brussels Christmas Market Review

Brussels Christmas Market Review 
By Claire Henderson
Monday 3 December 2012 

BRUSSELS Christmas Market runs between the Bourse, Grand Place, Catherine and Marche Aux Poisons from the November 30th, 2012 to January 6th, 2013.

In comparison Chester Market falls drastically short of the experience Brussels has to offer. The Brussels Christmas Market celebrates Christmas in style with an illuminated walking route of more then two kilometres, with cultural, traditional and fun activities from Place St. Jean and the Marche Aux Poisons. 

There are 240 chalets are located around the Bourse and on the Marche aux Poissons that sell original gifts, food from different parts of the world, decorations and much more.  

The market was filled with entertainment and rides, an ice rink featuring shows, ‘The Slalon’ a toboggan ride for the whole family, ‘Andrea’s merry-go-rounds’ and The big wheel were located at the Marche aux Poissons. These are only four examples of the entertainment and rides, which are scattered around the market. 

The most exciting attraction is the XmasTree. The monumental 25 meter tall tree is made of steel and wood covered in fabric. It is kitted out with flash garlands, LEDs and video mapping to provide a spectacular show.  

Every year the Market Square is turned into a spectacular venue holding the sound and light show of Winter Wonders: Electrabel Nights. The XmasTree! Is a 360 degree show and a unique symbiosis between UNESCO architectural heritage lighting and a contemporary electronic Christmas tree. The enchanting show lit up the entire square showing off the beautiful architecture in Market Square.  

The Brussels Christmas Market experience is one of a kind and is a recommendation I would make to anyone who would like a weekend away to shop, relax and get into the spirit of Christmas. A lot of walking is required to get around the chalet stalls so walking boots are essential as well as a warm coat to beat off the cold.   

The XmasTree! found at Market Square.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Cineworld to screen Autism Friendly Films to accommodate those who cannot attend normal screenings.

Cineworld to screen Autism Friendly Films to accommodate those who cannot attend normal screenings. 
By Claire Henderson
Saturday 1 December 2012 

Dimensions, the leading social care provider has announced that Autism Friendly Films will be screened twice a month because of its new partnership with a second national cinema chain.  

The Not-for-profit organization who supports those who experience autisms and people with learning disabilities, has partnered with Cineworld to extend its Autism Friendly Film initiative. Screenings will now happen across the UK in more than 100 cinemas every two weeks as Dimensions teams up with Cineworld and its first partner, ODEON.  

The project between Dimensions and ODEON began in August 2011 and since then the screenings have grown with popularity. This is the first time a social care provider has teamed up with two entertainment companies in this way. This offers a wider choice for cinema-goers.  

The unique partnership allows Dimensions to advise the adjustments needed for people with autism and sensory differences which will allow them to enjoy watching films in an environment conducive to their needs.  

Lisa Hopkins, executive director of practice and development at Dimensions, said that having two such partnerships would make more opportunities for people with autism to be included in their communities.  

“We are really pleased to be partnering with Cineworld to extend this important and successful project even further,” said Lisa.  

She explained how people who maybe excluded from the normal cinema experience, because they find the sensory experience too hard to manage, will be able to watch more films more often in a cinema adapted to their needs. 

“These opportunities are important stepping stones towards full inclusions in mainstream cinemas,” she said. 

The cinema experience can be challenging, but it is one that can be changed and made accessible by good partnership working. Dimensions have seen how successful such initiatives can be, in just the first year 21,000 people watched screenings organized with ODEON, with prospects of building upon that further. 

Jo Cook, who supports two people who attend Autism Friendly Film Screenings, sad: “It is a fabulous idea that I hope continues for years to come. It’s wonderful seeing children enjoying themselves who otherwise would not be able to attend for many different reasons. We look forward to the next film showing.” 

Tamlin McKinnon, head of customer services at Cineworld, said: “Cineworld are delighted to be teaming up with Dimensions to extend the range of screenings that will show and welcome in an audience who may have previously felt the cinema experience off-putting.” 

Every month Cineworld will provide Autism Friendly Screenings in 21 of their cinemas. Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger will be the first screening on December 2nd at 11am. ODEON’s next screening will be in more than 80 of their cinemas, it will also be Nativity 2: Danger in the Manger, on December 16th at 11.30am.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Walk of Light Parade marks World AIDs Day in Chester

Walk of Light Parade marks World AIDs Day in Chester 
By Claire Henderson Friday 30 November 2012  

A ‘Walk of Light’ parade and remembrance vigil is taking place in Chester to mark World AIDs Day. 

The walk will begin from the Cross at 4pm on the 1st December 2012 and will end with a vigil at the Amphitheatre in remembrance for the loss of lives through AIDs and a celebration of hope. 

Lights are available for the walk for a small donation. The donations go to Body Positive Cheshire and North West, to improve the quality of life for people who are affected of living with HIV and AIDs.  

The event is organized by the newly formed Lions’ Pride Steering Group. The group consists of Cheshire West and Chester Council, University of Chester, Chester Students’ Union, Cheshire Constabulary, Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, Countess of Chester Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS Foundation, Body Positive Cheshire and North Wales and LGBT Youth North Wales. 

Paul Marsh, Director of Services at Body Positive Cheshire and North Wales said: “The event for World AIDs day is an opportunity to join people worldwide in the fight against HIV and AIDs, to show support for people living with HIV and pay tribute to those who have died.”  

There are more than 90,000 people living with HIV in the UK with a quarter of those unaware they have the virus. “There are no specific symptoms caused by the HIV or AIDs, which is why it is important to be tested,” said Mr Marsh. It is simple and pain free to be tested and an earlier diagnosis enables medical support to be given sooner. 

Medication has advanced dramatically since the early days and as a result of medical developments and advances people living well. 

Cheshire West and Chester Council’s Equality and Diversity Champion, Councillor Razia Daniels said: “World AIDs Day is celebrated all over the world and Cheshire West and Chester Council is happy and proud to be working alongside its partners in organizing this local event.” 

The highest number of HIV cases in Cheshire are found in Cheshire West and Chester. Body Positive Cheshire and North Wales provides a holistic service, which enables people living with HIV to access medical and social care services together. 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Lantern Magic lights up Chester Zoo.

Lantern Magic lights up Chester Zoo.
 By Emma-louise Rawlinson and Claire Henderson
Tuesday 27 November 2012 

CHESTER Zoo, home to over 8000 animals and 400 different species is host to an astonishing Christmas event named ‘Lantern Magic’. Families can walk around the zoo in the dark hours carrying their handmade lanterns amongst a trail of wondrous lights and life sized animal lanterns. 

The Lantern Magic walk trail is 0.75 miles each way with the experience lasting up to an hour. A lantern workshop for the children provides them with their own mini-lantern to guide their way, as well as large lanterns for the rest of the family. 

Staff are spread out around the zoo to guide you in the right direction, as some of the areas of the zoo won’t be open. For safety reasons they ask the public to keep to the trail. The Fruit Bat Forest is open until 19:30pm. 

Families can collect their glow in the dark star from Mother Christmas and place it on the Cedar Wish Tree before meeting Father Christmas. A professional photographer is there to take your photograph which can be purchased at a kiosk. 

Samantha Ricketts, 20, Guest Services Assistant from Upton, said:

“Being Mother Christmas, I interact with the kids; telling jokes and listening to their wishes which I send to my husband, Father Christmas. I hand out the glowing stars, hold them in my hands as they make their wish and then they hang them on the tree.” 

The Lantern Company has been commissioned to create the life sized animal lanterns and illuminated costumes, which are worn by staff members.  

Holly Jenkins, 22, Guest Services Assistant from Ellesmere Port, said: 

“It’s been a good event so far and brought in a lot of families and the event has been sold out for the first two days. With it being the preview weekend, a few things have gone wrong, such as realising we needed shelters for the staff and public with the weather being so terrible.” 

The Lantern Company’s work ranges from small to large-scale theatrical experiences, to big outdoor shows, community artwork shops and training. They produce giant puppets and kinetic professional floats as well as sculptural lanterns for day and night time events. 

“The costumes are great, but they take so long to get on, sometimes up to half an hour,” said Miss Jenkins. 

The preview weekend has proved to be a fun and successful event for all ages and hopefully it will be reoccurring event for other years to come.   

One of the lanterns on display at Chester Zoo.